Who We Are


We are a mission focused church. At Covenant, we believe in the importance of missions.  We've been on numerous national and international mission trips, and we conduct a local “hands on” mission project when needs arise in our Albany community. 

We are a praying church. At Covenant, we understand that prayer makes a real difference in the lives of people. Once a month, we have prayer requests placed on our Prayer Wall or our Prayer Cross. During times of emergency, our Prayer Chain offers special prayers. Every Sunday, we review our Prayer List and pray for specific needs before and during worship. Our Prayer Garden is always available for times of prayer. 

We are a Bible reading church. The Bible is the Word of God, God’s written revelation. For the last eight years, we have encouraged our people to read through the Bible in a Year, and we invite you to read through it with us.  Simply pick click here, then select the appropriate month from the left hand side, then the appropriate date.  We also invite you to study and discuss God’s Word with us through the variety of classes and groups that we have at Covenant. Plan to join us and experience the faith, hope and love found in this incredible book.

We are a loving church. When new members join our Covenant family, they tell us things like:

"Covenant is a very loving congregation where people talk to you as if you’ve always been a member."
— Babs

“Covenant feels like a loving family.” - Lena
“I love our worshipful sanctuary and organ.” - Spense
“Covenant is very loving, friendly and warm. The sermons are great, and it is good to have an ending time.” - Florence
“The music is great, and the people are loving and friendly. Covenant is a church where God is real.” - Kelly
“Our people are the friendliest bunch of folks in town, and our staff is top notch.” - Betty
"Covenant is full of loving people who are very friendly, and a beautiful sanctuary. Covenant feels like home." - Marty
"I love our friendly people, the great children's ministry, and I love our pastoral staff." - Terry

At Covenant, we have Card Senders, Tuesday Visitation, caring Deacons, Early Morning Hospital Visits, and many families we seek to help.