Sunday School Classes


"I've discovered that the more I learn in Sunday School from God's Word, the more relevant it becomes for my day to day living."      


A class on relevant family issues taught bySteve Goss

John Calvin
A uniform lesson class taught by Palma James, Nelson Rushton, and Cecil Wrenn

A lecture class taught by Sylvia Vann and Chick Flournoy

Good News
A class that focuses on relevant issues taught by multiple leaders

MOC (Men of the Church)
A discussion class taught by Ben Strickland

Young Adult
A class studying hot topics taught by a group of young adults

JAM (Jesus and Me)
Our children’s class taught by Cheryl Coker

A class for Middle and High School youth taught by Ed Reaves in the cafe.

A ministry for our small children overseen by Savannah and Sarah Strickland.